4000 Series (pre-2003)

Maintenance Schedule

Valve GearXXX
HP Fuel Delivery PumpXXX
Fuel Duplex FilterXX
Fuel Pre-FilterXXXX
Exhaust SystemX
Engine OilXX
Engine Coolant PumpXXX
Raw Water PumpXX
Bilge PumpXXX
Engine OperationX
Air FilterXX
Monitoring SystemXX
TC Control
Engine Oil FilterX
Centrifugal Oil FilterX
Torsionally Resilient CouplingX
Crankcase VentilatorXX
Fuel InjectorsX

Task Descriptions

Valve GearCheck valve clearance, adjust if required. First adjustment after 1000 hours.
HP Fuel Delivery PumpCheck relief bore for obstructions.
Fuel Duplex FilterReplace filter element.
Exhaust SystemCheck tightness of securing crews and nuts.
Engine OilTake sample and analyze.
Engine Coolant PumpCheck relief bore for obstructions.
Raw Water PumpCheck relief bore for obstructions.
Bilge PumpCheck relief bore for obstructions
Engine OperationCheck speed, pressure, temperature, runnings noises, and engine and external pipeworks for leaks.
IntercoolerCheck drain line for water discharge and obstructions.
Air FilterCheck contamination indicator.
Exhaust SystemCheck exhaust gas color.
Monitoring SystemCarry out lamp test.
TC ControlCheck exhaust-flap ease-of-movement.
Engine Oil FilterChange oil and replace filter.
Centrifugal Oil FilterClean, check thickness of oil sludge layer. Replace paper sleeve.
LOPCarry out test procedure.
Torsionally Resilient CouplingCheck condition. (Visual inspection)
BatteryCheck charge state, electrolyte level and specific gravity.
StarterCheck condition. (Visual inspection)
Crankcase VentilatorReplace filter inserts.
Fuel InjectorsReplace.