2000cr Series

Maintenance Schedule

Engine Operation X                
Crankcase Breather  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Centrifugal Oil Filter   X X X X X X X X
Fuel Filter   X X X X X X X X
Valve Gear   X X X X X X X X
Belt Drive     X   X   X    X
Air Filter         X       X
Cylinder Chambers         X        X
Fuel Injectors                 X
Component Maintenance                 X
Cylinder Head                 X
Extended Component Maintenance                  X

Task Description

Engine OperationInspect air ducting between air filters and turbochargers for leaks and damage.
Crankcase Breathers8V only; fit new filters.
Centrifugal Oil FilterCheck the thickness of oil residue layer. Clean. Fit new sleeps, at the latest, each time the engine oil is changed.
Fuel FilterFit new fuel filter or new fuel filter insert.
Valve GearsCheck valve clearance, adjust if required. First adjustment after 1000 hours.
Belt DriveCheck condition and tension of drive belt, replace if required.
Air FiltersFit new air filters.
Combustion ChambersInspect cylinder chambers using an endoscope.
Fuel InjectorsFit new fuel injectors.
Component MaintenanceBefore starting maintenance work, carry out test run and record operating parameters. Then drain the coolant and flush cooling systems. Inspect rocker arms and valve bridge for wear. Insert an endoscope through the pushrod bore to visually inspect swing followers and camshaft running surfaces. Inspect vibration damper. Clean air ducting. Clean intercooler and inspect for leakage. Fit new seals/sealing materials for all disassembled components. Fit new high-pressure fuel sensor. Clean engine coolant cooler and if possible, inspect it for leaks. Inspect centrifugal oil filter for air (if fitted). Disassemble Kusel coupling (if fitted). Check parts. Fit new friction rings and disks. Check adjustment at the central buffer of engine mounts. Check operation of diverter valves (if fitted). Overhaul starts. Overhaul engine coolant pump. Overhaul raw water pump.
Cylinder HeadOverhaul cylinder heads, check piston crowns and running pattern of cylinder liners visually.
Extended Component MaintenanceCompletely disassemble the engine. Inspect engine components as per assembly instructions and repair or fit new components as required. Replace all elastomeric parts and seals with new ones. Fit new piston rings. Fit new conrod bearings. Fit new crankshaft bearings. Fit new cylinder liners. Fit new antifriction bearings for auxiliary PTOs. Fit new fuel delivery pump. Fit new high-pressure fuel pump. Fit new actuating cylinders for airflow control flaps. Fit new actuator cylinders for exhaust flaps. Fit new exhaust flap bearings. Overhaul batter-charging generator. Fit new pressure relief valve in high-pressure fuel system. Fit new compressor wheels for turbochargers. Fit new conrod.